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This year, our magazine takes a different form than years past. A year marked by drastic change in our collective way of life, of drastic social change, and by a new generation of artistic thinkers and creators.

(Photo by Jack Laibe)



Just as in former editions, The Pendulum Staff has opened submissions to the student body. This page will take you to a collection of writing and art created by St.Luke's students over the past academic year.

(Image: The cover of Edition 30 of The Pendulum by Moli Ma '21)


As the editorial staff this year, we struggled at first with our content amidst a pandemic. We wanted to address what was going on in our world, but at the same time didn't want all the hard work created earlier in the year to be thrown away. We decided to create a unique section, one dedicated to the unique situation which we find ourselves in.

(Digital drawing provided by Peter Gutstein)


A Statement from the Editors — Education Interrupted

This was certainly an unusual year for The Pendulum, that much goes without saying. Every year there is this kind of uncertainty that looms in regards to what the future of the magazine will look like, and with every graduating senior class comes a round of fresh new faces with talents, interests, and personalities unknown. The challenge for the editor is to figure this out and begin to understand the strength and character of the new editorial board and the high school at large. 

For the greater part of the year everything felt great with our new editorial board. We were having productive meetings with good attendance, ideas were flowing freely, and it seemed as if we were on good pace to create a magazine with an interesting theme and strong content. 

Then, of course, March came and brought with it an entirely new and different world. 

It seemed as if the world had turned upside down and very quickly The Pendulum fell to the back of everyone’s minds as we struggled to cope with our new normal. However, as we slowly adjusted to life indoors, (and thanks to the intrepid Mr. Flachsbart and Ms. Yankura) we once again began to think about the profound moment in which we were living, and how, just maybe, we could find a way to make meaning out of the tragedy around us. 

And so, thanks to Zoom, we began to meet again. We resumed all the normal aspects of Pendulum meetings: critiques, edits, peer reviews, and writing exercises. In the end we came up with this: our literary magazine. Different in shape and form than years past and slightly abridged, but with the same spirit and creative ability as any other year. 

As the summer comes to a close and preparations are in full swing for a new year, we invite you to take a break and spend some time with the beautiful works created throughout 2019 and 2020. 

- The Editors: Brody Menzies and Lily Tencic



Thank you so much to everyone who showed up to meetings on the regular: Jo DeMarco, Moli Ma, Liana Seale, Emilia von Lilien-Brockmeyer, Liz Fleischer, Ruth Mercedes, Laura Mercedes, Pierce Leclerc, Jack Laibe, Quinn Gregorich, Lily Tencic, Devon Schiff, Hannah Gunn, Abbey O’Meara, Amira el-Hattab and Alex Staikos.

I’d love to give special acknowledgment to Moli Ma for providing us with the beautiful front cover design and her continued hard work and dedication. She, as well as Jack Laibe, will be taking over as Co-Editors of the Pendulum for the 2020-21 school year. 

Additional thanks to Lily Tencic for being a fantastic Assistant Editor and helping organize meetings, leading discussions on theme ideas, and being a fantastic source of material and knowledge. 

Lastly, and most importantly, thanks to our faculty advisors: Stephen Flachsbart and Jeorge Yankura. Representing two giants in the worlds of Literature and Art (respectively) they helped craft the literary magazine to be what it is now. Their countless hours of hard work and dedication helped immensely as well as their engrained knowledge of how a magazine should look and function was a tool that did not go without heavy use. We thank them very much for their time, flexibility, and overall good spirit that helped us stay afloat through these difficult times. 




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